10+ Write A Letter To Your Friend To Spend Summer Vacation

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Often the students of class 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 are given to write a letter to their friend for the summer vacation in the exam and for homework.

But students face problems in writing letters in English, to solve this, we have written more than 10 letters, seeing which students can write a good letter to their friends.

Write A Letter To Your Friend To Spend Summer Vacation

Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to Spend Summer Vacation with You

A-47 Vaishali Nagar Jaipur
6th March 2023

Dear Anuj,

I am very glad to know that your summer vacation has started, and our school has already declared summer vacation. So, I am requesting you to come to my home for a few days to enjoy our vacation together.

Also we have not met and spent much time together in these two years since I have changed my school.

Please try to make this possible. I am waiting for your reply. My best wishes to your parents.

Lots of love

Write A Letter To Your Friend How You Spend Your Holidays

Apurva Heights
Malviya Nagar Jaipur

5th March 2023

Dear Priya,

You will be glad to know that I spent my summer vacation with a lot of fun , and I had also made lots of exciting plans to enjoy this vacation. I went to Guwahati to spend this vacation along with a fun day in an amusement park. This is one of the most memorable summer vacations in my life. I missed you a lot throughout this vacation.

I want to ask you how you spent your vacation. Hope you enjoyed it too. Give my best regards to your parents.

Yours lovingly

Informal Letter To A Friend About Holiday

Ward no. 16
Bhavya Colony, Jhunjhunu

4th March 2023

Dear Sakshi,

Hope you are doing well and everything is fine. As you know that our summer vacation is about to end, I want to tell you about this vacation. I have enjoyed this vacation and got a good sleep throughout this break. I enjoyed watching the sunset everyday. I visited my grandparents and spent quality time with my family.

Overall I enjoyed myself in this entire vacation. Hope you were also with me. I missed you a lot. Send me all your experiences of this vacation in reply. Convey my best wishes to your parents.

Your affectionately

Write An Invitation To Your Friends Including A Plan For One Week Holiday

Ward no. 21
Shiv Colony, Bagar

16th March 2023

Dear Anjali,

This is an exciting thing that our school declared summer vacation and we are going to enjoy this vacation together. I had made a plan to go to the beautiful hill station Ooty to relax. I have made almost all possible arrangements to go there with our family for a week.

So, I have written this letter to invite you to spend your vacation with me in Ooty. We will enjoy a lot. Best regards to uncle and auntie.

Your friend,

Write Letter To Your Friend About Your Summer Holidays In Informal Letter

Saraswati Society

21st April 2023

Dear Shubham,
How are you? Hope you are doing well. As you know, our school has declared summer vacation this week, so I am planning to enjoy this vacation and make many memorable memories. I am going to an amusement park with my family and cousins. After completing the holiday homework I will study some complex chapters.

This time I will go to my aunt’s place with my sister. This is all about how I am going to spend my summer vacation. You will also tell me about your plans in reply to this letter. My respectful regards to your parents

Lots of lot Your dear friend

Write A Letter To Your Friend To Spend Summer Vacation With You

Ward no.- 21
Akshay colony

12th March 2023

Dear Payal ,

My school’s summer vacation has just started. Hope your vacation will begin soon in a few days. I am writing this letter to you because I want to invite you to spend this vacation with you at our farmhouse.

This summer is going to be very hot, so we will relax at the farm house. We will also visit many nearby places to that farmhouse. I am eagerly waiting for a positive reply.
With best wishes and live to you.

Your loving friend

Write A Letter To Your Friend About Your Visit To A Tourist Place In Summer Holidays

Laxmi Tower Akshay colony
Vaishali nagar, Jaipur

5th March 2023

Dear Shikha ,
I hope you are healthy and fine by the grace of God, I am fine, too. I have just just returned from Udaipur, spending our summer vacation there.

It is a very beautiful place that represents ancient traditions and heritage of the royal kings. The food in Udaipur was amazing. We also visited City Palace and many lakes.

This was a wonderful vacation.Hope you are also enjoying your summer vacation. I have brought something for you from there and I will give it to you when we meet and I will show you my pictures.

Lots of love Your friend,

Write A Letter To Your Friend To Spend Summer Vacation With You In English

Amrit Kunj Janki Colony,
Ward no. 23 Jhunjhunu

17th March 2023

Dear Amrita,

I received your letter yesterday and I am so happy to know that your summer vacation has just started and our school has also declared the vacation. So, I passionately desire that you should come to my village.

I am assuring that you will certainly enjoy and learn a lot of new experiences there. We can easily find a lot of picnic spots in the village along with many beautiful and colorful farms.

You will find the village life very peaceful with fresh air and greenery all around far away from the hustle-bustle of the polluted city. Hope that you will also join us. I will be very happy if you will come.

My best wishes
Yours lovingly Shakti

Letter To Your Friend To Spend Holidays With You

Vijaylaxmi Apartments
Malviya Nagar Jaipur

26th March 2023

Dear friend,

I am fine, hope the same with you. As you know, our summer vacation has started. So, I want to invite you along with your family to spend this vacation with me in Delhi. I will take you to visit all the historical places and museums.

We will also enjoy the metro ride. We are going to enjoy this trip and make many lovely memories together. Your presence on this trip will give me a lot of happiness . I hope that you will think over this request.

Lots of love
Your lovely friend Kamal

Write An Email To Your Friend To Spend Summer Vacation With You

To: [email protected]

Subject: invitation to spend summer vacation with me

Dear Naman,

First of all lots of love from me. Hope you are all good. I am also fine. As we know that our summer vacation is going to start on 6th April, I want to invite you to spend this vacation with me in my village.

Our village is a very beautiful and peaceful place. There are many farms of mango and other fruits. There is also a river where we can picnic. I will introduce you to all my relatives and cousins. This will be great fun for us.

So this is a humble request to you to spend this summer vacation with my family. See you soon.

Your lovingly

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